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About Me.

Age: Version 3.8
Coming from: 45.77966 – 3.08628
Favorite Color: The color of Love: Red
Hobbies: Figure Skating, Gaming, Hiking, Writing, Tarot Reading, Photography
Other Profession: Figure Skating Choreographer – Artistic Director
Life Motto:
“What does not kill you makes you stronger”

I’m Jimmy Tavares, freelancer graphic/web designer doing business as, I’ll be more than happy to help you fine-tune your graphic communication and enlighten your website with a design that matches your brand!

Adobe Creative Suite 80%
Illustrator 90%
Photoshop 85%
After Effects 75%
Premiere Pro 70%
Web Designer 80%
WordPress 75%
Elementor 85%

2002 - 2017 2002 - 2017

Around the World.

It all started as a kid in 1992, when I started figure skating. After reaching the second place in the French Cup in 2001, I decided to stop competing to start my career as a professional figure skater.

In 2002, I proudly graduated as a Graphic Designer, and between two skating contracts I would always find my way back into graphic design, and take on projects whether for friends or for businesses.

During 12 years I travelled more than 30 countries around the globe to perform in the most prestigious international ice show companies.

After an injury in 2010, I decided to slow down on the tour life and settle in The Netherlands to propose a choreography workshop in more than 12 cities weekly, to more than 400 skaters across the country. My work and dedication with my students as led me to be sharing the title of Dutch National Champion with some of my students.

2017 - 2022 2017 - 2022

New Departure.

It was time for new adventure. After spending about 7 years in The Netherlands, my partner and I decided to move to Portugal where we opened our private tour guide company.

Having studied graphic design becomes handy when you decide to open your own business. You become your own artistic director and it is an experience that I’m thankful for as I learned massively during this time. This is when I really started to work daily on graphic designs that were needed for the business and use my knowledge to its full potential. From scratch I designed a full branding for my own company: the logo, the website, the business cards, the social media posts, the videos! So much work but so worth it! It made me who I am today and helped me reconnect on a daily basis with my second passion: Graphic Design.

Due to the pandemic, I decided to step back from the tour guide company to dedicate myself a 100% to graphic/web design and propose my services to a broader audience and ensure that their graphic communication is on point and reflects who they are as a business.

Interested on working with me? I’ll be glad to share my ideas with you on how to make your business stand out with a graphic communication that your entity deserves. 

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