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Graphic communication in a company, an organization, or another entity plays probably one of the most important role in the success of a business. But does you entity have a graphic communication that it deserves? Are you starting your business and need a brand identity to start reaching out to the world? 

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My passion for graphic design started in the late 90’s and has been in my life ever since. After more than 20 years, from logos to websites, and so much more, I accumulated experience in different supports of communication and I’m very excited to propose you my services to enhance your graphic communication. In this section, you will get a better and clearer idea of my style and work.

I proudly present you the graphic and web design projects that I enjoyed working on the most. The ones that made a difference in a way or another. The ones where I believe surpassed my own expectations and boundaries when designing it. The ones that have a special place in my heart.


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