June 24, 2022

Who are my inspirations on Youtube.

If you wonder who are my inspirations on Youtube, don't look any further! In this article I present you to the 4 YouTubers that inspire me the most for both graphic and web design

Youtube, one of the best place to be inspired.

With Youtube being the second search platform after Google, we can all agree to say that there is a lot of inspirations you can find on Youtube. Not all is good, but there is some excellent content when you really take the time to dig in into specific topics.

Not only there is excellent content, but there are some people excelling in motivating you, teaching you and supporting you in whatever project you would have in mind.

On my side, I follow a lot of channels, but do all the channels I follow inspire me? No.
You could say that if I follow them they inspire me, and in a way that’s correct. They do. In some cases, I like their content but don’t necessarily feel like they grab my attention enough. In some other cases, I would say that I’m interested in their content and not in their goals in doing Youtube videos. They focus on trying to sell you something rather than genuinely helping you.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not against it, but I just don’t like the mentality behind it. They propose so many videos on different products that it gets you more confused than you are helped. In the end, by watching their videos, they (sort of) expect you to buy something, no matter if the product is good or not, just because they get a commission if you buy it. Again, there is no wrong doing it, it’s just not my cup of tea and I refer to them as Influencers.

On the other hand, you have a variety of very genuine people that are here for the passion of teaching and sharing their knowledge with the world and their community. They stick to one software and even though they might get a commission link, they are not over promoting it, giving you the freedom to decide if this software is made for you or not. There is a real passion behind it with a big interest for what they do but also towards the communities they built.

This is why I decided to share with you the YouTubers that inspire me on a daily basis, for their content, but mostly for who they are as people.

Web Squadron, Imran Siddiq │ Web Design.

Imran Siddiq from Websquadron

Where to start? A couple of months back, I was browsing the internet for a tutorial on something that I had never done before for a website. I would not be able to tell you exactly what it was now, but I remember seeing a video that got my attention. The video was short, straight to the point and clearly explained. All I needed to go on further with my project. But then I got recommended by Youtube for other videos of that same Youtuber. That’s how I discovered Web Squadron’s Youtube channel, or should I say Imran. I got hooked on many of his videos and I have learned a lot from his tutorials.

One day while going on Youtube, I noticed that Imran was Live! I thought it was the perfect moment to tell him thank you for all his efforts he puts in his channel and how helpful it all is. So I jumped on the Livestream. Many messages were coming from other people in the chat at the same time, and while writing I told myself: He probably will never see this message between all the other ones! Well, I was wrong! I directly got a hello back from him, and very genuine questions asking about me and my journey. His livestreams weren’t daily yet but he would go Live about 3 to 4 times a week. And because I felt so welcome, it gave me the feeling of wanting to be part of another livestream, so I kept my eyes open and for the very first time, yes…, I activated my notifications on Youtube to be sure to not miss it.

Days and days have passed, and meanwhile I’ve been in touch with Imran a lot throughout his livestreams and of course I kept being a fervent follower of his Youtube channel. So what inspires me?

Besides the fact loving to share his experience and his knowledge on Youtube, Imran really makes you feel welcome in his community. He genuinely cares about his followers and is here to help them, without expecting more than a like on his videos. He is not here to try to sell you something. He is honest, approachable and ready to spend some of his free time answering any questions you’d have. But that’s not all, in fact what inspires me the most is his journey, his way of thinking and seeing things, his dedication for what he does and his reflection on the world. I’m amazed on how he remembers most of the names of his usual followers, and how much he cares about every single one of us although his channel keep growing.

All his tutorial videos are talking about web design, SEO, optimization, and much more, while his livestream are open to any subjects of conversation, making it so fun and light to watch. He shines positivity, and his community reflects entirely the person he is. Every one, (really every one) in the chat on his livestream are talented souls and people that are eager to learn as much as I am. It’s all together that we discuss each others problems and find ways to solve them. We also speak about the weather, Star Wars (which I’ve never seen), Pepsi Max, food (very often)… basically we make the world go round 🙂

It is honestly the first time that I’m part of a community where I feel welcome, and I almost dare to say that I met some friends!
Isn’t it weird? We never met, but somehow as time goes by, we really start to know, trust and support each others.

So to Imran, but also Michael (aka Picsta), George (George Nicolaou on Youtube), Atif, Melissa, Jason, Katherine (EleWebDev on Youtube), Matt, Mark, Inderpreet, Mia, Soum, Andrew, Daveden, Chingy and everyone else, thank you. You are definitely the highlight of the year for me.

WP Tuts, Paul C │ Web Design.

Paul C from WP Tuts

One thing that I’m fascinated about are dynamic websites and dynamic content in general.

For the ones who would not know what dynamic content is, it’s a way of customizing your website by pulling data from your website’s database. You can utilize the information collected through forms to personalize your website with the data filled by the visitors. You can also just use it to show specific content to certain viewers. The possibilities are almost endless, which blows my mind.

With that said, I discovered WP Tuts a couple of years ago when I was starting my journey as a web designer. Honestly, at first I couldn’t understand half of the things that was in his videos, but that wasn’t his fault. I was just too early with WordPress to get the logic behind it all. Nevertheless, I remember finding his videos very interesting for the future, so I saved them in a playlist. Once I gathered more experience and started to have a better understanding of things, I started to go back to his channel more and more often.

Among all the different and very interesting topics that Paul covers in his videos, my favorite videos of his Youtube channel are about Advanced Custom Fields and Dynamic Content.

So there again, besides his amazing content, what inspires me?

Paul made me understand what I could not understand before. The logic. Yet, my own logic often differs from others, but when it comes to dynamic content, there is a certain logic that you need to have to make it work. Once you get it, so many possibilities can be achieved on a website.

He has such a great way of teaching that it hypnotizes you on how easy he makes it look. If a person can teach logic to someone such a me that has no logic whatsoever, then you are a Hero in my eyes. Furthermore, he gives me the envy to go even further and dig into dynamic content more than I did before. I’ve been spending a lot of time playing around, using what I’ve learned from him in many various ways.

And when you think it stops there, well… it doesn’t! Recently, WP Tuts, aka Paul C, has been hosting livestreams with… you guessed it: Imran from Web Squadron! I mean…, if that is not a match made in heaven, then I don’t know what it is!

Dansky │ Graphic Design.

I graduated 20 years ago, and back then, a lot of graphic communication was still made by hand. During my studies, we had some lessons happening behind a computer, but telling you that I mastered those tools when I finished my studies would be overrated. I could do quite a lot, but not even a 10th of what I can do now.

So if I haven’t learned it at school, where did I manage to learn it all?

Right after graduating, I kept on studying mainly with books as there wasn’t many tutorials online at the time. But as time went on, I started learning from Youtube tutorials. This is how I started to follow Dansky.

His calm voice and his constant will of creativity are what makes me go back to his channel. Although I was familiar with a lot of softwares and their tools, Dansky brought clarity in understanding it all.

He is one of my inspirations due to his journey and determination. He inspires me because during his first study as a Graphic Designer, he also didn’t get the chance to play a lot with computers. When I watched at what Dansky was able to do, I promised myself that one day I would be able to do the same. Mastering tools that I didn’t even have during my studies and become a Graphic Designer.

I like how we have a similar journey in many ways, and I like how he dares to get onto learning new softwares as much as I do. Fun fact is that most of the time, the new softwares he starts using are the same as what I start to use. That explains why I keep going back to his channel, and although I follow him since his beginnings on Youtube 7 years ago, his content still catch my attention as much as on day one.

Abi Connick │ Graphic Design.

Abi Connick

The journey of a Graphic/Web Designer does not stop just to making a logo or a website. There is so much more that we can do to design a perfect brand identity. Over the years it became clear that I was interested on keeping up to date with the trends, ways of communications and how to develop my freelance career.

I discovered Abi not so long ago, and her channel has a lot of amazing tips for any graphic designers out there. She manages to bring her own style to the different projects she works on and this is something that I really admire in a graphic designer’s work.

Abi inspires me on how much energy she has in her videos and how her passion shines over the screen. She is so bubbly that her energy will definitely recharge you for the whole day. She really focuses on all the aspects of being a graphic designer and how to manage projects, find ideas and develop brands.

She has been a reference for me in the last month when it comes to finding good tips and tricks and develop myself as a graphic designer.

I can only encourage to get your shot of energy and follow her content where you will learn a lot about what it takes to be a freelance graphic designer.


There is not a day where I don’t feel inspired by one of the 4 people I presented you above and although it seems all so virtual, it’s impressive to see the impact that YouTubers can have on people.

Youtube definitely became my first go-to search platform when I need to look for something and there is a couple of more people that I would to mention such as Uriel Soto, Rino from Living with Pixels, Katherine from EleWebDev who are also doing a great job with their Youtube channels.

Although I have no regrets, I wished I had all the online tools that we have nowadays. I admire the fact that we can openly share our knowledge with the world and help other reaching their goals and making them better persons.

I’m thankful that I kept up to date with the technology , thanks to them. It allowed me to to be at the level I am today and I’m looking forward to learning from them as time goes by along their sides.

Coming Soon.

In the very near future, I’ll be launching my YouTube channel as well 🙂

You can expect content about Graphic and Web Design, but I will also be sharing my experiences including tips and tricks.

I’m looking forward to the launching date which will be communicated shortly, so if you don’t want to miss it, make sure to subscribe to my channel “mygraphic.design” already and activate the notifications so you will be aware of when a video will be posted.

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