September 1, 2013


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The Brief.

The brief of this project was quite short, and I had a lot of freedom.

Located in Breda, in The Netherlands, ZA-NO’-da is a small Turkish restaurant. For its opening in 2013, they needed to have a logo and a menu for their new place. The colors needed to reflects the ones from the restaurant and bring a warm atmosphere. The name ZA-NO’-da is a contraction of the three names of the children’s owner and their food is artisanal which the logo had to mirror.

The menu would be printed on A4 paper and would also be use to be folded and distributed to people. The color and the atmosphere had to refer to the color’s logo as well as a Turkish cosy mood.

The project included:

  • A Logo
  • A Restaurant Menu

The Logo.

Because I lived in Bodrum, Turkey, I really had a clear vision of the type of logo I was going to design and propose to the client.

There is not a place in Turkey where you would not find one of these typical Turkish eyes. Mainly made out of glass, they have this pure blue color in two shades with a tiny bit of white. The legend says that having one brings luck. This explains the following:

The almond shape in the center of the logo represents an eye in a metaphoric way, referring to the very symbolic blue Turkish eye mentioned above. The name of the restaurant is in the middle as the children’s owner are the eyes of the future, and are keeping an eye on their dad’s business.

That’s in purpose, I put two traditional Turkish eyes on top and at the bottom as I wanted people to be able to recognize directly what sort of food the restaurant was proposing. However, the owner still wanted to have the mention “Turkse Eethuis” which means Turkish restaurant in Dutch.

The colors represents warmth and positivity which reflect the values of the restaurant and the family.
The unperfected lines stand for the artisanal touch of the design, mirror the artisanal side of their food.

By re-using the pattern of the logo, I used the fold of the menu to create gates representing the doors of a restaurant. By opening the menu, you “open the doors” of the restaurant. The idyllic background with the lanterns and the golden hour feel bring the cosy atmosphere wanted in the brief. It also reflects the mood that you will find while having dinner at the restaurant.

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