May 20, 2022

World Bee Day.

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World Bee Day.

Let’s continue my series of illustrations for the International days, and today’s is an important one. It’s the World Bee Day!

While some Kings and Queens are busy leading countries and trying to save their legacy, some other queens are working everyday to save our ecosystem and repair damages created by humankind. Without bees there wouldn’t be any flowers, any scents and flavors and the humankind would survive 4 years before disappearing. As small as they are they play a major role in our lives on so many levels and we should not forget it. They are more powerful than humankind.

My inspiration for this illustration comes directly from the Sex Pistols album’s artwork. Although I didn’t use any of the elements from the original piece, I adapted a lot of them to make them fit the theme of my illustration. The iconic side of the original poster helps understanding the message that I try to pass onto the world. Let’s try to help them make our World get better! God save the Bees!

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