Sky Coffeeshop.

February 1, 2012

Sky Coffeeshop.

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The Brief.

Sky is one of the numerous coffeeshops you can find in Breda, The Netherlands. In 2013, they reached out to me to create a complete new logo and work on some other assets that would help brand their coffeeshop.

The logo needed to be colorful and to include the name of the store in combination with the mention “coffeeshop”. The logo had to be fresh, positive, young and playful.

The project included:

  • A Logo
  • A Restaurant Menu
  • A Product Menu
  • A Stamp

The Logo.

What first came out in my mind for this logo was a cloud. It represents the clouds that you can get from smoking, but also “being in the clouds” after smoking. The sun is referring to a happy place, a zone of comfort that you can get from the effects of smoking. The font is young and playful and are meant to be representative of the ambiance that you can find in the coffeeshop.

For the menus, I just used the assets of the logo in the background as the owner wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

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