Quinta de Barradas.

April 23, 2018

Quinta de Barradas.

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The Brief.

Quinta de Barradas is a project that started in Portugal in 2018. The goal of the project was developing an ecological environment and permaculture in Portugal.

The logo needed to be a recomposition of the coat of arms from the family’s owner but also adding some extra details related to permaculture. It needed to use a Royal Blue and Gold which were the colors represented on the coat of arms. It needed to be heartwarming and meaningful.

The project included the creation of a full visual identity:

Branding Guidelines
A Logo

The Logo.

This logo was challenging mainly because reworking a coat of arms from someone needs to be treated with Respect. Taking the elements one by one and re-organizing them was a very interesting work. The required elements and the ones that were present on the original coat of arms are the Lion, the Wild Pig, the 3 egrets, the clover and the shovel.

  • The shield adopts the same shape as the original coat of arms of the family. A lot of meaning are hidden in the shield, starting with the heart. In combination with the shovel and the two leaves it becomes a metaphor of the Apple from Adam and Eve’s garden which originated life. A heart is what keeps us alive and naturally symbolize life that you can bring throughout Permaculture.
  • The shovel is an essential tool for the care of the plants emphasize the meaning of permaculture and being above the heart it symbolize the action of taking care of life. The clover on the shovel brings luck to the plants that will be taken care of.
  • The lion and the wild pig are the protectors of the shield and ultimately protecting life/the heart.
  • The royal blue and the gold are used in memory to one of the colors of the coat of arms.
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