Professor’s Dram.

January 24, 2023

Professor’s Dram.

Table of Contents

The Brief.

Professor’s Dram is a sister brand of Perfect Dram. In order to expand the sales and improve their graphic communication, they wanted to completely change their visual identity.

The project included:

  • Visual Identity Guidelines
  • A Logo
  • Bottle Labels
  • A Website (Coming Soon)

The Logo.

Professor is born in the XIXth century and carries with him all the attributes from that time: a hat, a moustache, and a monocle. He is a scientist and throughout his experiments he discovers combination of flavors that will explode in your mouth when drinking it.

These three elements needed to be very “iconic” and present on the design. The comic style of the head opens the possibilities to target a younger audience than they have up to now.

I wanted to bring a mysterious and sturdy part to the character so it triggers people’s curiosity, explaining why I decided to opt for a foggy background on the different background used among their graphic communication.

Other Assets.

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