June 20, 2016


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The Brief.

Portours is a Private Tour Guide company that opened in 2018. Located in Porto, Portugal, they propose tours and activities to locals, tourists and businesses. They differ themselves from other tour operator by the wide range of activities that they propose. Their target audience are B2B, as well as B2C. Their audience in the B2C is young and therefore impactful assets were needed to catch the eye of the customers.

For this project they wanted a timeless logo, with a touch of color reflecting the colors the Portuguese flag. They also wanted one of the famous icons representing Portugal so the audience could recognize it easily in any countries. It needed to be simple, symbolic and representative from the tourism industry.

The project included the creation of a full visual identity:

  • Branding Guidelines
  • A Logo
  • One Icon/Logo per activity they propose
  • Business Cards
  • A Website
  • Promotional Videos

The Logo.

The logo features the Galo de Barcelos, from a famous Portuguese legend. This is still now one of the most representative icon of the country, explaining why I chose this to be in the logo. It allowed me as well to use the color of the Portuguese flag in a way where they don’t clash with each others. The graphic asset of the logo and the name of the company clearly explains what the company is doing as a business. The logo has been adapted on different support, on jackets, business cards, gift cards, t-shirts and more.

The Website.

As the company proposes services for both, B2B and “normal” clients, I chose to go with a clear and fresh layout that could fit both audiences. The colors used are a green and a dark grey giving a soft and calming look. The use of negative space throughout the layout helps keeping the website readable and light.

Besides the website, I developed the entire graphic communication of the company for more than 5 years. Hereunder you can see some of the blogpost covers and videos I created for Portours.

I recorded the videos and edited them entirely using different technics on Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Other Assets.

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