Perfect Dram.

January 24, 2023

Perfect Dram.

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The Brief.

Perfect Dram is a company that opened in 2015 in The Netherlands, they produce and sell their own whisky. For this project, the client wanted to refresh their visual identity to have a stronger impact with the competition. The idea was to have a rustic style. The shape of Scotland was required on the label and the rest was up to me.

The project included:

  • Visual Identity Guidelines
  • A Logo
  • Whisky Labels
  • A Website (Coming Soon)

The Logo.

On this design, I focused on bringing an iconic item of their work: the cask. Because their whisky is aged in very specific barrels, I had to include it in the logo. The font has been redesigned and retouched in order to give or more ancient look to it and perhaps a touch of gothic in the design. The boldness of the font reflects the strong foundations of their company. I also wanted to include one typical Scottish element which is the Divider with those very artistic arrows on each sides.

After speaking with the client on what they had in mind for the visual identity, we pictured their client being drinking their drink in a cosy space, in an old library where the walls would be green and the textures of the couch they would sit on would be made of leather.

By using these green and brown colors in the design of the labels, I reproduced the atmosphere that we had decided on. The leather texture comes back on the background of the label to give a texture to the design and more depth. These colors also give a very good contrast with the color of their whisky, visible through the glass of the transparent bottle. For the texture and the concept of leather to make sense, the label is meant to be a piece of leather sewed on the bottle, explaining why their appear all around. The sewing lines in the middle are representing the Scottish flag and are here to attract the eye of the consumer to the center of the label where the name and description of the whisky is.

The back label as the shape of a Dram. A Dram is also the perfect dosage of whisky in such a glass: we refer then to the Perfect Dram, aka the name of the company. By bringing this element on the back label, we paid tribute to their older logo which included the glass shape.

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