May 18, 2022

International Museum Day.

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International Museum Day.


Museums are the guardians of our culture and our history. Museums are a meeting place, a place where we can meet with the past but also with ourselves.

Many times while stepping in a museum I got a peaceful feeling. Things are ordered, the atmosphere is calm with a semi-silence that allows you to step into your own thoughts and travel to a world of emotions that only belongs to you.
That’s exactly what I wanted to represent in that illustration.

Although this illustration is simple, there is a lot of hidden interpretations behind it.
– The shape represents the floor’s layout of a museum.
– You start your journey by entering the museum via the deep blue “corridor” on the mentioned date, it will lead you inside the museum.
– Every shape created by the superposition of colors are the different exposition rooms.
– The use of the square and rectangles shapes outlines the ordered and structured side of these places.
– All the different colors represent diversity: diversity of Arts presented in the different museums around the world and diversity of people visiting these places.

Now that you know what my ideas were to create this piece, I believe you will understand my illustration better and perhaps like it better than when you first looked at it. Perhaps you understood that it’s not just a random colorful shape placed on a white background as you might have thought at first, but much more.

With that said: next time you go to a museum, I invite you to look things with a different perspective. Try to dive into the artist’s mind and try to understand why things are designed in a certain way. Many artists have secretly hidden some messages in their art, making their art more meaningful to the ones that will discover those secrets.

I hope I could show you that an illustration can be much more than just a simple meaningless image and that usually everything on a design has a reason!

Have a blast today!
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