Deen Figure Skating.

May 9, 2022

Deen Figure Skating.

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The Brief.

Deen Figure Skating is a non-profit organization based in Alkmaar, NL and aim to help a selected group of figure skaters from AIJC Kunstschaatsen (Alkmaarse Ijs Club) to finance their training and bring out each of them to their top level.

There was no specific requirements at the start of the project and we developed the logo together as we went on with the project.

The project included the creation of:

  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Information Flyer
  • Website
  • Promotional Video
  • Standing Banner

The Logo.

In this design, I wanted to represent the strictness of figure skating as well as the artistic side of the sport. The technical part of figure skating is very straight forward and requires a sharp concentration and controlled moves to execute the jumps and the spins. The artistic part emphasize the rhythmic and choreographical skills that are essential to be a good figure skater.  The bold letters and the line under it contrast with the circle shape of the logo. The circle has been chose for the soft and artistic side that it represents. The line under the name of the organization symbolizes the ice and the hardness of it by splitting the circle shape in two parts.

The Website.

Staying in the color theme of the visual identity, the website is bringing the dynamism of the sport to the light. The titles on the different pages are animated to represent the movement of a skater moving forward on the ice.

On the technical side of the website, the content of the website is dynamic and the store allows the skaters to subscribe to the different events that Deen Figure Skating proposes during the year.


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