May 25, 2022

Africa Day.

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Africa Day.

My Illustration for today’s international day is OUT!

Quite some years ago, I got the chance to live in Africa, more precisely in Dakar, Senegal. This was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. The culture, the people, the atmosphere taught me a lot on different fields and I came back full of memories that I dearly keep close from my heart.
As Today’s international day is « Africa Day », this post is dedicated to every single soul I met there, regardless if I’m still in touch with them or not.

This photocomposition has been entirely made with photoshop. In this technic, I used a lot the wrap tool to adapt the lioness head to a human’s one. The wrap tool can be so useful especially when working on photocomposition. It helps a lot on adapting photos to a certain shape so it matches your composition.

Do you need an illustration? a poster? or any graphic communication? Contact me and let’s talk project together!

Happy Africa Day 2022 everyone!

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