A Move to Remember.

February 1, 2022

A Move to Remember.

Table of Contents

The Brief.

A Move to Remember is a LGBTQ owned Moving company in Chicago, Illinois. They opened in April 2020, and help citizen to move their clients’ furniture from one house to another. Besides working with casual costumers, they also work with non-profits organization in order to move people with difficulties or emergencies into their new space.

For this project they wanted a simple logo, with a retro touch in it. The Rainbow colors needed to be added in some way but without being too much. It needed to be reflective of the different sides and services that the company offers.

The project included:

  • Visual Identity & Guidelines
  • A Logo
  • A Website

The Logo.

The choice of the hexagon shape is no coincidence, they represent the different values that the company stands for:

  • LGBT Affirming
  • Client Focused
  • Communication
  • Safety First and Trauma Informed
  • Socially and Diversity Driven
  • Accessible Services

When looking at this shape, you can also see a box in 3D and/or a house with its reflection under.

The rainbow color was a required element in the brief. It needed to be visible for people to be able to identify themselves to the business and feel supported when working with A Move to Remember, but yet it had to be settled and not too overwhelming.

The other color chosen is the purple as it’s an uplifting color. Uplifting as the energy that the team brings during the moves and enlightening the compassion that AMTR has toward their clients. The box, as much as the hexagonal shape, are bringing a retro look to the logo.

The Website.

On the website, we used the main color purple chosen by the company as it brings a re-insuring feeling, and is easy on the eye.
The homepage gathered all the information of the company and the booking system powered by a third party company.

On the website, AMTR wanted also to provide information to their customers. Let’s Unpack, their blog gathers many crucial information for customers to prepare their move as best as possible. For this, I created a dynamic blog, allowing any person from AMTR to easily write and publish an article on the website.

The same technic has been applied to two different services that AMTR provides. Any articles on the Non-Profit Organization Moves and Emergency Moves are dynamic content as well, leaving a lot of possibility for further development of the information provided over the time.

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